by Kevin M. Smith

I know I haven’t been great about keeping up with this on the weekly basis that I was intended. I will attempt to do better. With the pleasantries out of the way, this week’s recommendation comes to you from the bucolic brewing fields of Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery just minutes across the Potomac River from Brunswick, MD. My recommendation?

Found Artifacts unfiltered Pilsner.

While I know that the popular choice lately has been the hazy IPA, I can’t help but recommend this beer. Arguably, it’s one of the best, if not THE best American made Pilsner that I’ve ever had. A German-style Pils, the unfiltered brew is crisp, clean, light, and made with both skill and finesse. Light notes of lemon, cracker and biscuit, imbued by the Noble hops, and the malt bill. It’s a truly lovely beer.

Being a small brewery, with limited production capabilities, this beer has a tendency to sell out relatively quickly. It is, however, currently on tap, and worth seeking out.

Until next week, be well, and drink craft.