Welcome to Frederick County, MD. We’re the home to Flying Dog, Monocacy, Frey’s, Milkhouse, Brewer’s Alley, and Barley and Hops. Pretty soon we’ll also host Brew’d Pub. For those of you who make the trek from Frederick to Middletown regularly, you recognize The Silver Maple sibovegnage there in the picture to a. Well, that’s where Brew’d will be opening it’s doors.

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The long term goal is for Brew’d to be Frederick’s third brewpub, but until the brewhouse is installed and the TTB is approving licenses again, Brew’d is going to start out as a beer bar.

Or in the new owner, Steve Acup’s own words, “I’ve signed a sales contract for the Silver Maple Restaurant in Frederick on the Old National Pike [on Alternate Route 40 heading up Braddock Mountain on the way to Middletown].  We’ll be opening as ‘Brew’d Pub and Restaurant’ shortly after the closing date of the 4th of November. Our initial focus is on getting the restaurant up and running, so we be selling other breweries’ microbrews until we get TTB  approval and get a few of our own beers in place. We’re brewing regularly on the pilot system  as individuals for now. The Liquor board notice in the newspaper should be out next week.

“We’re pushing the restaurant portion first so there is no break in operations as we transition,  keeping staff employed. If I tried to throw the brewery mods in the permitting process, it would suddenly become much more complicated and we would have to shut down for a while during transition. We’ll be starting more or less as a turnkey of the existing restaurant, with a transition as soon as possible to our new menu and lower pricing.

“I’d rather be in business and sell good beer than be closed waiting for the TTB to allow me to sell our own, so we will be selling other microbrew beers that we can get through distribution.”

While Acup has a number of hurdles still looming, he has a plan in place for dealing with the transition. Until he has Brew’d up and running as a brewpub, as previously noted, he’s going to work on making the locale a craft beer destination. ” Silver Maple [currently] has no taps, they only sell bottled beer,” Acup pointed out. “They are, [right now] a wine bar. The entire atmosphere of the Silver Maple will be changed back more like it was when it was The Restaurant at John Hagens Tavern. I’m looking at options right now to install taps. We have a wall we’re considering mounting taps on…Our goal for taps is somewhere between 8 and 12. To foot stomp this a little: Brew’d Pub and Restaurant will be very family friendly, with high quality comfort foods that fit the pub atmosphere. Ribs, pizza, steak, good sandwiches, proper appetizers, etc. Pricing will offer lunches under $10.00, and dinner entrees will range from $10.00 to $25.00. We’re gearing it as a casual stop.”

But in the meantime, remember, there’s plenty of great beer from Brewer’s Alley, Barley and Hops, and all our other local breweries (Flying Dog, Frey’s, Milkhouse, and Monocacy) to be had on our local taps.

Speaking of Local…

If you missed the DuClaw firkin last night at Madrones, or the last two stops of Monocacy’s “Red All Over” beer tour, head out to Madrones tonight. The details for Monocacy’s new addition to their beer line;

“Join the staff of Monocacy Brewing Company and Frederick News Post as we celebrate the 130th Anniversary of Frederick’s source for local news. Souvenir pint glasses will be available!

“To commemorate this milestone, the brewing staff of Monocacy Brewing Company and the Frederick News Post brewed a delicious American Red Ale. Featuring an abundant hoppy aroma, nice malt balance and locally sourced grain, and a modest 5.9% abv, Red All Over is a wonderful option for early-autumn sessions.”

Until next week, mother hoppers…until next week…