by Kevin M. Smith

So, I have been pondering this – the idea of changing this particular feature up. And I made a decision. This is going to be the last edition of featured beverage of the bi-month. This week I am starting this as a weekly feature – although there might be the occasional holiday weekend that is missed, this will otherwise drop every Friday, starting this Friday.

For now, I present to you Animal Haze IPA from Denizen’s Brewing Company for your consideration.

Personally, I enjoy a hazy IPA from time to time, but it’s generally not a favorite style. Many I feel are too heavy to enjoy more than one, maybe two at a sitting. Additionally, quite a number become cloyingly sweet the more they’re consumed. I have to admit to a preference for the hazies that lean towards the dry side.

This one is a really nice, drinkable hazy IPA. While still a bit of a palate burner, it doesn’t completely kill the palate, and never reaches that overly sweet stage. The flavor profile is largely tropical and citrus overtones, with a hint of piney undertone, lending a little more dryness than is typical of the style.

Personally, I really enjoyed this one, and have to admit, I really enjoyed the 12 oz cans.