by Kevin M. Smith

Okay, so my craft beverage rec this week is a little later than I intended, but I’m rolling with one of the Brews for BAM…that is if you can still find it. A little background – in our CoVID world, one in which beer festivals are something of a logistical nightmare, the Brewer’s Association of Maryland has had an important revenue source cut off. Enter the Brew for BAM collaborations throughout the state.

A variety of brewers produced their own versions of Brew for BAM with proceeds going towards the Brewer’s Association of Maryland. Those proceeds go to support lobbying efforts on behalf of the brewers, as well as promotion of craft beer in Maryland.

This particular Brew for BAM is a collaboration between Olde Mother Brewing, The Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm, and Dark Cloud Malthouse. They called their brew a pseudo-Helles. The beer pours clear. It drinks crisp and clean with a nice, but not overwhelming pop of sweetness in the finish. It’s wildly drinkable, and I have to admit, I’m hoping to find more this weekend.

You should too.

Until next time, be well and drink craft.