by Kevin M. Smith

Life is getting busier.

While a return to some form of normalcy is somewhat welcome, it’s concerning. I can’t help but notice the increase in infection rates in most states, and the glaring increase in states that never really shut down to begin with. That said, in recent months we have seen some form of the return of the tasting room around Maryland.

As I continue to work my way through how local breweries and other craft producers adjusted to the new world order with the Beer & Loathing series, I will endeavor to bring you a variety of other stories as they present themselves. Currently, I am exploring an interesting conversation initiated by Brendan O’Leary at True Respite. Simply put, why aren’t more people drinking Maryland beer?

I’m looking to expound and expand on this, and bring others into the conversation.

I am also hoping to get more news from our local distillers in the coming months, and ramping up coverage of our local wineries, and other craft producers. This latest issue, I made my first bi-monthly craft beverage recommendation from a small brewery just over the border in Pennsylvania. Look for that to become a regular addition to Frederick Behind Bars. As an aside, I am also open to the stories that you’re looking for.

As these tough times continue, please do your best to support your local brewer, and other craft beverage producers. These are members of your community. They are employing your neighbors, and often buying local hops, and grains in order to make Maryland-specific products. They are growing grapes, and investing their money in our communities, and the majority of them are making products worthy of our attention.

Keep checking back for more content as we navigate some murky waters, Follow my twitter feed @kmjsmith and @the brewddhist on Instagram for updates (I’m assuming most of you are coming from @FrederickBehindBars on Facebook), and look for the end/beginning of the month updates to drop between August 30 and September 2.

Until then, be well and drink good beer.