Other Half Brewing to Open Taproom & Production Facility in Washington, DC

Other Half Brewing today announced the upcoming October opening of its new taproom and production facility in Washington, DC. The New York-based brewery has been long-rumored among beer lovers in the Nation’s Capital, so today’s news is a welcome addition to DC’s burgeoning craft beer scene. Other Half has been shipping beer weekly to Maryland’s Downtown Crown in nearby Gaithersburg for several months, but it is rarely found inside the District. The new brewery will be the 12th brewery located in the city limits. Read more.

Where’s the most relaxing place to sip a cold beer right now? At a farm.

The most relaxing places to sip a cold, refreshing beer, according to my recent research, include an Adirondack chair overlooking an old wooden barn on a family farm that dates from the 1830s and a picnic table where you can watch horses gallop through an adjacent pasture.

These settings sound so idyllic, and yet when it comes to craft breweries, they’re usually the exception, instead of the rule. Read More.

Black-Owned Businesses Highlighted In Maryland This Month To Help Them Survive Pandemic

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) — It’s Black Business Month and the state is placing the spotlight on Maryland’s Black-owned businesses.

WJZ’s Amy Kawata spoke to two popular businesses on why it’s so important to support them, especially now.

Here’s how you can help support not just this month but year-round.

From food to breweries to fitness and beauty products, you name it, Maryland has a growing list of Black-owned businesses established in the community. Read more.

Southern Maryland winery cleans up after Isaias

Parts of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, are still picking up the pieces after Isaias.

That includes Port of Leonardtown Winery, a favorite neighborhood spot just off Point Lookout Road in Leonardtown.

“We have probably close to 40 acres total. We are usually packed, open seven days a week, before COVID, of course,” said winemaker Lauren Zimmerman.

Isaias made landfall Aug. 3 as a hurricane in North Carolina; it was downgraded to a tropical storm as it moved up the East Coast, still causing heavy damage and some deaths. The National Weather Service confirmed the storm spawned at least nine tornadoes in Maryland. Read more.

Why Craft Distillers Are Calling to Expand Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

Buying spirits online has never been more convenient for consumers. In dozens of states, drinkers can purchase their favorite liquor brands through websites such as ReserveBar, and have them shipped to their door via common carriers like UPS or FedEx. Meanwhile, third-party service Drizly delivers bottles within a matter of hours in the 15 states it currently operates in.

Such convenience is clearly a boon for consumers, especially right now as many may wish to limit their trips to liquor stores because of the coronavirus pandemic. But some spirits producers (mainly smaller-production, craft brands) say the current landscape could be vastly improved both for distillers and consumers if the laws surrounding direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales were relaxed. Read more.

The Best White Whiskeys On The Market, According To Bartenders

We all know that whiskey doesn’t start off with a dark amber hue. Nor does it have those famed hints of vanilla, honey, and rich-oak sweetness. All of those flavor notes come from the aging and barreling processes. But distillers don’t age all of their whiskey. Some of it is bottled up right away and sold as white whiskey. AKA moonshine.

Not surprisingly, not everyone loves this un-aged whiskey style.

“Why wouldn’t you just rest that bad boy in an oak cask for a couple of years?” wonders Kyle Harlan, beverage director at Mission Taco Joint in Kansas City. “White whiskey is lazy.”

On the flip side, some purists like the “unadulterated grain” aspect of white whiskey. You’re just getting the fermented, distilled juice, nothing else. But know this: it’s hot as hell and can be pretty rough for the uninitiated. Read more to find out what Maryland distillery made the list.