It’s a myth.

There is no such thing as the calm before the storm. There’s the tense build up, there’s the storm, and there’s the aftermath. Calm? The last time I dealt with calm?…I don’t really remember. Then again, I have kids.

1470326_10202240246223702_310541848_nBut the latest storm(s)? Planning Frederick Beer Week? Bob Dylan urging folks to drink German beer? The thousands of little wars between competing businesses that happen day in, day out? The millions of other little things we deal with every single day – kids, jobs, commutes, horrible bosses, that co-worker you keep hoping is out sick, etc. We weather these each day. Each and every day. So much so that we sometimes don’t recognize the storm, even when the flash-flood warning is staring us in our faces. It just becomes so much white noise.

But we’re resilient, and we weather all the day to day storms quite often without realizing that they’re even happening. And then a small thing will set us off. An innocuous comment in an ad, a song sung in a different language, some driver hesitating at a green light will be a trigger – some ridiculously small thing that has no actual impact on our personal lives from a day to day basis makes our days go to hell in a handbasket.

That…all of that is why I have a great appreciation for those who give us the great beer to which we have ever increasing access. The ability to crack a beer at the end of a long day and enjoy it with the wife, relax with family, sometimes with good friends…yeah, for me, that’s the important thing in life. Knowing when to enjoy the mist and the rainbow that goes with it.

Speaking of ever increasing access – while Sweetwater has started appearing in the DC/NOVA market, two other breweries have announced plans to move into the Maryland market. While Left Hand has been available in the region due to distribution in Virginia, the Colorado brewery has announced plans to expand into the Old Line State this spring. Joining them out of Raleigh will be Lonerider. Lonerider is expected to release in the region in mid-March. Considering they will be releasing in eastern Virginia at the same time, it should be interesting to see if they end up in western Maryland.

Am I the only one, with all of the recent weather, that thinks that one of our local brewers should try to brew an Eisbock in honor of this winter?

Brewding: (n) the act of brooding, or pondering in a serious manner while either brewing or drinking beer.

Tapped and Uncapped

Rather than a specific beer rec this week, I want to let you all know, some of our local crafters of beer are releasing some brand new beers –

Barley and Hops just released Stonewall’s Stogies, a smoked porter, available only at the brewpub. Monocacy Brewing company is currently releasing Humulus Lupulus Rex, a session pale ale. Start looking for it to hit the taps at the local craft beer destinations soon…very, very soon. And next Tuesday, Flying dog is releasing their mango-habenero IPA right at the brewery. The beer will be available for growler pours from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Wedgwood Blvd facility.

Until next week, be well, drink good beer, and don’t let the small storms get to you.