So, I’m assuming most of you have noticed, it’s gotten kind of chilly. I’m also assuming that most of you will notice that the title has nothing to do with this week’s content, and this week I meander a bit. I just liked the title, so I’m going with that. Now, back to the chilly, and what it means.

This means two things to me – one; if you’re a homebrewer, it’s lagering weather, and two; time to break out the barleywines! Woot! Well…barleywines, winter warmers, spiced holiday ales…there are a whole lot of beers for when the weather turns, and those of you who have been following me, you all well know that there aren’t many styles of beer of which I am not fond. But this is one of those beer seasons that I particularly enjoy – there are a whole lot of beer styles that come out this time of year, and that’s always a happy-making for me.

Ihbpict is an interesting stretch that we’re getting into here, both physically and metaphysically.

We’re pushing into Thanksgiving and the high holiday season, a time of thanks, a time of of celebration, and a time of renewal.

For me, it’s time to renew my love affair with barley wine, a big beer that warms me from the inside out. At least after a couple of them, I don’t care that much about the cold.

In slightly separate thoughts –

We have a couple of new places joining the Frederick Beer Scene. I can’t speak for what either place is like, but up on Braddock Mountain, this week we have the opening of Brew’d Pub, and across the street from Barley and Hops we have the coming opening of BJ’s. Brew’d’s owner, Steve Acup, has long term plans for turning the one-time Silver Maple Inn into a brewpub, but for now, they’re serving some of Frederick’s finest at the newly minted pub.

So, in the meantime, stop in, and make these new places feel welcome. I, for one, am excited, and hope that they will both be good additions to the local craft beer scene.

Tapped and Uncapped

For this week, I’m going big. And I’m going with one of my favorite styles for the winter months. This week I’m recommending the Storm King Imperial Stout from Victory. The stout comes in at a rollicking 9.1 percent ABV and kicks off with a great, chocolatey/cocoa aroma. The beer is nice and chewy, filled with notes of dried cocoa, and finishes with strong coffee overtones.

If you like your stouts and you like them big, this is definitely a beer for you.

Until next week, be well and drink good beer.