• By Kevin M. Smith Originally published in The Frederick News-Post, 72 Hours
  • Mar 25, 2020

Welcome to a new day.

Not a good day, but this is certainly something new.

As we move into this more restrictive phase of dealing with the coronavirus, COVID-19 for the sticklers out there, we’re seeing the impact on local businesses. Gov. Larry Hogan, as we all know at this point, has shut down restaurants in an effort to limit social contact, something essential to stemming the spread of this particular bit of nastiness.

Unfortunately, this creates a whole other stress on another industry. That stress is on one of the biggest contributors to our local and national economies: the service industry. Restaurants, tasting rooms, movie theaters and pretty much any public gathering places have been shut down. Beer festivals, including this spring’s Maryland Craft Beer Festival on Carroll Creek, have been cancelled, and breweries cancelled last week’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. What does all this mean?

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