Welcome to Frederick Behind Bars, Edition 2.0, May 2020. If you’re tired of dealing with Covid-19, and it’s getting to be a little too much for you, that’s understandable. The pandemic has, pardon the language, infected our everyday lives. It’s hard to go a day without hearing or reading something about it. If you need to get away from it for a bit, this mid-month edition is probably not going to be your thing.

With all the misinformation and the cherry picking of numbers in order to make the pandemic response a political issue rather than the common sense issue it should be, I have a great conversation with two Maryland brewers who have backgrounds in virology and microbiology.

The other piece in today’s drop is the next installment of Beer & Loathing, where FBB takes a closer look at the quarantine’s impact on our local craft brewers. The latest edition features Idiom, which has thrived in this new world order.

Since the issue 1.5, when the Beer & Loathing Rockwell edition dropped, Maryland held their first virtual beer festival, Frank About Beer has had virtual happy hours, the Uncappd Podcast has dropped several casts, and the Brewer’s Association of Maryland has continued their Friday afternoon talks with brewers. Sure, tasting rooms are out of the equation, but beer events and news continue.

Hopefully, you find this month’s edition useful, and educational, and, as always, look for an article to drop around the end of May/beginning of June.

Until then, stay safe and healthy, and drink good beer. Slainte.

The Brewddhist.