249045_525556334146651_488773338_nSo we’re finally in the thick of it. Frederick Beer Week is here and we are just about spot on in the dead middle of things.

We launched with a beerfest, and we basically end with one…although DuClaw is taking over the taps at JoJo’s after the Brewer’s Association of Maryland’s Craft Brewers’ Festival this Saturday.

I’m intrigued by this year’s version of the BAM CBF. Last year it moved from Harry Grove Stadium to its original location at the Frederick Fairgrounds. This year it’s downtown on Carroll Creek. Additionally, there are nine breweries that are scheduled to be there that weren’t last year. There’s a lot of new that’s going to be there, including Push, Peabody Heights, Burley Oak, and Baying Hound, just to name a few.

I’m curious about many things – the new beers that will be there, the set-up on the south side of Carroll Creek Linear Park, how much of the creek will be roped off, crowd control…I think it’s going to be an interesting experiment.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have tickets yet, I believe you’ve missed out already. It’s my understanding, based on BAM’s social media feeds, that the festival is sold out. I will, however, let you know if you should be getting your tickets early next year.

Some other FBW observations:

In spite of some late afternoon rain during our kick-off at Stillpoint, the Beerfest at the Farm was well attended, welcomed some new brewers that were not there last year, and largely enjoyed sunny weather.

We have so far seen a Roggenbier win this year’s Battle of the Bubbles, the premier of the winner of last year’s BoB, a Maibock, the appearance of Flying Dog’s blood orange IPA, and DuClaw’s S’Mores Porter. The Old Frederick Hashers ran through north Frederick for a Mother’s Day hash run and Frederick Beer Week welcomed their first Washington County venue in Dan’s Taphouse, and has seen Frederick’s craft beer scene grow with the addition of Madrones and JoJo’s.

If you haven’t made it out yet, there are still a couple of days left. Get out, get some good beer and support our sponsors.

Until next week, be well and drink good beer.