topics-boston-skyline_13697_600x450Every now and then, in the history of the country we have a day like yesterday. Some a bit worse, some marginally better – but they’re days that are differentiated only in the level of how badly they sucked.

No, yesterday was not an inherently bad day in Frederick County, my adoptive home for the last decade. But in the wake of the bombings in Boston, a place that I lived for a decade and a half, a place that had a massive impact on who I am, I found myself at a loss.

I was angered and saddened, and supremely frustrated.

And, to be honest, it made a whole lot seem quite trivial.

At the same time, as I watched my children playing in my backyard while checking the news updates, I couldn’t help thinking how important so many of those trivial things really are. And how it’s a shame that it takes tragedy to remind us of these things.

I know you came here expecting me to write about beer. And I normally would try to avoid covering non-beer related current events, but this one just hits a little too close to home for me. When you see your kids today, your wife, brother sister, father, mother…any of those people who are important to you, give them a hug. The ones with which you can, open a beer, and just sit down and chat.

It doesn’t need to be about anything deep and meaningful. It’s just about spending time with someone important to you.

That’s all I have this week. That, and a brief note that tickets are now on sale for FBW’s premium events –

Until next week, when I will have more and better stuff, be well, drink good beer, and let those who are important to you know it.